Terms & Conditions


We often call from our van about 15 to 30 minutes prior to our arrival

When we arrive, it is good that we get our van close to the work place; so your support with this is much appreciated, i.e. “… moving cars so we can get our van right-up-to the building to be swept …”  Please let us know of any proximity or access problems in advance


We will do our best to be punctual.  However if we are delayed we will call you ASAP, usually if this is more than 15 minutes or so, and then keep you up-dated


Soot, soot-dust, and ash – is extremely messy.  We try very hard to control it with our special equipment.  However, to be on the safe side we suggest (very strongly) that any and all items potentially at risk are moved well away from the sweeping activity.  Chimney-sweeping is a very pragmatic and straight-forward process, but it does have some risks; so a little common-sense goes a long way …

Normally we dust-sheet an area of about 6’ x 8’, and then add ‘walk’ & ‘rodding’ runners.  We will dust-sheet the whole room to cover all furniture & carpets up to an area of 30’ x 30’, if you wish.  However, we will charge an extra £20 for this service, and prior notice is requested


We do not know for sure how much soot is in your chimney or flue (or its condition) until we arrive and start work.  So we do not know exactly how long it will take to clean or clear your chimneys or flues.  There may be blockages, birds, or verim to shift.  There may be extra jobs, like climbing the chimney from the outside, etc …

However, as a rule of thumb; it takes about ¼ hour to set-up, about ¾ hour to brush the chimney or flue clear, then about ½ hour to clear-up, pack-away, and settle-up.  If you wish us to do other tasks or to talk to us at any-time, you will need to add time for this to our visit

In short – for normal chimney/flue sweeps – please allow:

One chimney or flue
1½ hours
Two chimneys or flues
2½ hours
Three chimneys or flues
3½ hours
… and so on, adding an hour for each extra chimney …  (six chimneys is more than enough for one day)


Reasonable conditions:
If we find your chimney is in a very bad state, we will discuss this with you prior to starting work.  We reserve the right to cancel our commitment as and where we feel conditions are outside those of usual and or reasonable practices.  Most of our ‘new’ work is done on an unseen basis, so we request a fair understanding for a goodwill basis to work both ways


If you wish to keep your soot – we are pleased to let you have it – and we will leave it in a black plastic bag for you.  Please let us know, otherwise we will take it away with us.  If you require more soot, please don’t hesitate to let us know, we can help with this too!


Because the job is so very dirty, we plan to keep on-site paperwork to a minimum.  We plan to post your ICS (Institute of Chimney Sweeps) approved sweeping certificate, and rceipt/invoice later, within the Month.

It is understood that some customers require certificates to satisfy their insurance needs, so we can issue an ICS certificate, otherwise we may provide you with our own, or both


If you need to cancel or postpone sweeps, please let us know as soon as possible.  We understand that this is sometimes unavoidable, and it works both ways.  For your part we would like 48 hours’ notice of cancellation.  However, if we arrive and are unable to do the work, we reserve the right to charge you a turning-up fee for the job.  This will nominally be £20, for a local visits and £30 for away visits


We strive not to break any items, or do any damage.  However the nature of the work does not eliminate the possibility of damages.  We are covered by professional public liability insurance – just in case the worst happens.  But please note, we do not want to call on this at any time…


For the most, orders are done on a goodwill basis, verbally.  However if you wish to send written or email confirmations, we are very happy with this too

Normally our sweeps include:  Setting-up to protect the room where the sweeping is to take place, to reasonable or pre-arranged standards.  To sweep by mechanically brushing the surfaces of the chimney or flue bore (the designed smoke-duct) to dislodge dry soot only.  Then to collect the soot, and take it away for disposal

If the soot is full of tar, creosote, or other similar compounds, and this requires additional work, we will talk to you about it.  Also, if we find other complications like, blockages, vermin, or chimney-flue damage, we will bring this to your attention too.  Remember – we have to qualify and certificate our work, which includes a verification of safety…


We NEVER pass on personal information – we conform to data protection legislation.  However, your order is consent for us to keep your records on our computers for our own use.  This information is limited to your name, addresses, telephone numbers, details of your fireplaces, and accounting details only.

Clearly, we need to know your address.  Please let us have the house name and or number, the road or street name, the district or town, and the county.  Please also let us have your Post Code too.

Please let us have all numbers we can or need to call you on. We need at least one; firstly, the land-line of the address of the originator of the order, and or a mobile number, or numbers, with the holder’s name(s) clearly given, similarly.

It is very useful to have your (or an) email address – all-be-it not essential, we strongly encourage you to let us have this so as we can periodically keep you up-to-date.


We understand that weddings are planned well in advance.  So we suggest a pencilling-in at any time (normally well in advance) of the wedding, followed by a confirmation inked-in sometime within a month of the day.  We will contact you if we have any conflictions, to fine-tune the arrangements.  There is no commitment either way for pencilled-in bookings, unless deposits are paid


We do our best to keep our prices competitive, with the costs of providing a good service in mind – in other words, we advocate value-for-money.  Our calculations do not cater for the provision of credit

If you wish to take credit, please discuss this with us prior to our visit, and certainly prior to the commencement of any work or other undertakings.  We do not rule-out credit facilities, but we politely point out that banking is not our business – and if asked to do so we will not be competitive

The title of all goods as sold, remains with us until paid for in full.  The liability of this may include associated costs such as delivery, construction, or similar

So far we do not have card debiting facilities, noting our normal practice is to be paid in cash.  But if you wish to pay by cheque, we can do this by arrangement.  Please note the account is in the name of:

Skyline Activities Limited













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