Debris Collars


(1) Register plate to stove-pipe joints often have gaps, through which the debris from the chimney void above can drop onto the stove. If you don’t like the smell of smoky soot debris, or fire-risk… you may be tempted to fit a debris-collar.

(2) Debris collars are mechanically tightened onto the flue-pipe so as they cannot move when in position. This provides support for the register plate, which may become distorted over time.

(3) When sweeping, the brush often grips the inside of the flue pipe. This can transmit an upward movement of the brush, which can force the flue pipe out of the fire clay joint between the flue pipe and the collar gland on the stove top. A debris collar will help prevent this.

(4) Lastly, when looking at or thinking about your stove installation, you may be troubled by the thought of an installation that could be so much better with a debris collar. For most installations, where there is room around the flue pipe, retro-fitting is very easy.



Stove installation with poor flue-pipe hole in register plate
(1) Poor flue-pipe installation







Detail showing gap between stove-pipe and register plate
(2) Gap between stove-pipe and register plate














Debris Collar shown on stove pipe - top view

(3) Debris collar - top view


Debris Collar shown on stove pipe bottom view
(4) Debris collar - bottom view

















Debris Collar fitted to stove pipe - detail view
(5) Debris collar to stove pipe – detail
Debris Collar fitted to stove pipe - field view

(6) Debris collar fitted to stove pipe

















Skyline Debris Collars:

I make the bodies from 1.0 mm thick stainless steel. They are strong, flexible, and resistant to both rust and flue-void debris chemicals.

They are fixed in position with ’M6 Posidrive pan-headed machine set screws’. This enables very easy fitting with a household tool, which will not slip out of drive when tightening. The female thread is a ‘M6 Rivnut’, which is by definition fixed in position, thus obviating the need for any other (left hand) tools. Intentionally, it’s easy to screw a bolt into a nut.

The anchor brackets are attached to the debris collar bodies via 4.0mm captive head pop rivets. This enables all the parts of the debris collar to move, and align into the correct geometric position as it tightens – nice. Because the rivets retain their heads and stems, they are designed to be both strong and let no debris through.

Skyline debris collars have a ground finish on the visible surface. This is so that if customers wish to paint them (with an appropriate – heat resisting paint), it will key to this surface fantastically. Also, this ground finish looks nice and shiny, but without a glitzy mirror finish that will show-off dirty marks.

Skyline Activities Ltd currently make a full range of 4 sizes of debris collars: 5″, 6″, 7″, and 8″. We plan to release a 4″ collar in the future. To my knowledge, we are the only organisation that supplies this variety. Also, if you require a special size – we would consider making that specially for you too… call me!




Nominal stove pipe size (flexible range)          Price each including VAT & delivery £s
4″ dia. Not yet available
5″ dia. (4.724″ to 5.315″ or 120mm to 135mm) 17-95
6″ dia. (5.709″ to 6.299″ or 145mm to 160mm) 19-95
7″ dia. (6.693″ to 7.165″ or 170mm to 182mm)  22-95
8″ dia. (7.480″ to 7.992″ or 190mm to 203mm) 24-95




Call us on: 01886 822257 or 07580 958346

and arrange dispatch for your Debris Collar needs…


Key points:

  •  Can be fitted to an assembled flue system
  • Grips flue pipe to seal hole in register plate
  • Grips flue pipe and supports register plate
  • As the assembly tightens, the joints hinge
  • Easy to re-fit the threads in nut and bolt
  • Pan head posi-drive screws for simplicity
  • The nominal size is flexible to cover a range
  • Made from stainless steel to avoid corrosion


Assembly tips:

  • Assemble nut and bolt at front, and then rotate to the back for tightening
  • Push debris collar up to the register plate with your finger tips as you tighten
  • Be careful not to overtighten the bolt, use a hand (not power) screwdriver


Trade customers:

Some trade customers like to fit these debris collars, because in saves them time, and makes their installation simple, easier, and much smarter – with the benefits as discussed above passed on to the end user.  They also retail to their own local customers for retro-fitting where needed. If you purchase any mix of sizes amounting to more than 25 off these items, in a single order, I would like to offer trade terms for you… call me!    











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