Before Sweeping



Preparation, always a good start..!


Check List:

  • Ensure all is cool
  • Remove precious objects
  • Clear a work area of 6′ x 6′
  • Have good fireplace access, and a 240v supply
  • Arrange vehicular access for my van, and the carry-in-kit…

 …Thank you



Chimney Sweep






Suggested Sweeping Intervals:

Fuel Type Period Warm Cold  
Coal Bituminous  4 m 2x yr  2x yr  
Wood All species 6 m 1x yr 2x yr  
Coal Smokeless 8 m 1x yr 2x yr  
Oil All heating 18 m 6 yrs 4 yrs  
Gas All sources 24 m 10 yrs 8 yrs  


Extra use during long cold winters increases soot in chimney systems, so an annual sweep, may be essential…

Soot is not the only cause of blockages, other reasons may be: leaves, cobwebs, nests, fallen masonry, etc…

A clean chimney will improve efficiency ~ justifying maintenance outlay over & above safety reasons. Insurance may require an annual certificated sweep…


Key Symptoms ~ Indicating Need to Sweep: 

* Smoking fireplace
* Low chimney draught
* Soot, tar, or smoke smells
* Difficulties with lighting fires
* Poor weak fires – with no roar!


Falling soot
* Into hearth and fireplace
* On roofs, on outside paths etc

Tar or Creosote
* Gathering in chimney breast
* Forming on stove door glass
* Growing on terminal or cowls























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