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Personal Introduction:

Since ICS (Institute of Chimney Sweeps) training, Skyline-Sooty has swept chimneys professionally – gaining knowledge through huge experience, and having solved many problems.

Previously I have worked in various industries. The business has developed, and now it keeps me very busy in high season, which is usually from mid-July to Christmas eve.

Although there are rumours and wives-tales stemming from the fireplace, heating, and energy systems industry – generally, public knowledge of such matters is good, and getting better. But be assured, the subject is technical, and its complications grow with the sophistication of modern heating, energy systems, and appliances. It is these aspects of the work that I particularly enjoy!

An important incidental benefit of our job, is Monty and I get to meet so many pleasant and interesting people; our customers, and their dogs! Possibly people like you, and your dogs? In fact, for the most, we look forward to seeing them annually – facilitated by our high re-order levels for the repeating and much needed ongoing work.


Our Aim:

We want our customers to get the most from their fireplaces in terms of economy, ecology, and enjoyment through simple home fireplace comfort. Clearly this must comprehensively include all necessary safety aspects.

This www site strives to reflect this, in that it includes a plethora of information that I hope will be useful for all our customers. I am generous with knowledge and information, and am always willing to help wherever possible.


Our Business:

STOVES:   Chimney sweeping services have grown with the desire that many people now have, to heat their homes with solid fuel. Furthermore, a very large proportion is done with stoves, many having been developed to become very efficient. Inherently stoves can be sophisticated, and providing the necessary care and maintenance services for them is our speciality. Notably, over 85% of my sweeps are for customers with stoves, with most of these having been lined – good thing!

FLUES:   Fitting flue-liners will virtually always involve climbing up to the chimney terminal to thread the new liner into the flue-way.  This is often straight-forward, but it can sometimes have complications. Particularly if the flue is small, has bends, or the terminal is difficult to reach. I am happy to do this work, but because of the variables, I prefer to price them individually. Prices can vary with closure-plate details, flue length, diameter, and material type. Also, terminal details like, pot-fittings, re-pointing, flaunching, suspension, and cowl apparatus etc…

SWEEPS:   I think my chimney sweeps are as good as the best in the business. I regularly run my brushes up chimneys several times to be sure they are really clean. It normally takes around an hour to sweep and service most stoves or fireplaces. I do not like to leave until I am sure your fireplace and stove is both safe and as good as I can reasonably get it. What is the point of having a clean chimney if the stove is not working properly?


Customer Commitment:

DELAYS:   I fix most problems when on the same visit, because I carry a vast amount of tools, spares and special equipment with me. However, sometimes unexpected but necessary work does delay me - so please be patient regarding my arrival times – your stove may need fixing too someday. In general, delays are not for more than half-an-hour, but if much more than this I try to call to advise. However, if timing is very important to you, its best to tell me, so as I can book your visit to be my first of  the day…

MESSAGES:   Because I am very often not in a position or place to answer my calls, I rely on my customers to leave me messages, and happily most do so. This is usually via voicemail, text, or email. Please be patient and help me by doing this too, I’ll contact you as soon as I reasonably can, which may be the next day.

PRICES:   Clearly to remain in business, businesses must cover their costs. I always try to deliver the best value for money as I can.

Please note:

(1) Most Sweeps don’t publish prices – my full price list is on this www..

(2) I have never yet had a customer complain about my prices…




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Our www-Site:

This web-site has for the most been designed and written by me. It is under continuous development. So I hope you have found it useful, and accordingly thank you for reading!


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